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Juneau Whale Watching - Alaska

Juneau whale watching tours with glaciers, bears and wildlife sightings.

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

Whole Lotta Whale!

Discover Alaska's Natural Beauty
on Juneau Whale Watching Tours

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

juneau whale watching

On our Juneau whale watching tours, enjoy the awesome sightings of whales, bears and other mammals from our comfortable whale watching fleet. You'll see glaciers and rugged Juneau, Alaska terrain. Depending on your group size, our vessels can comfortably carry up to 18 passengers for Juneau whale watching tours. All vessels are equipped with a heated cabin and bathroom.

Our captains and naturalists are the best in the business and have a 100% whale sighting success rate since we started 12 years ago. We specialize in Juneau whale watching tours.

• Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.

• Duration - 4 hours (3 on the water)

• Minimum of 4 adult passengers (or equivalent fare)

• Price - $149 per adult; 25% off ages 6-12; 50% off ages 0-5 (1 child discount allowed per full paid adult)

Private charters available - Starting at $890 | For up to 18 people | Please call to book

Pricing does not includes 5% local sales tax

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Our Juneau Whale Watching Fleet

Warm, Comfortable Cabins Surrounded by Windows

While you are on one of the Juneau whale watching tours, it is possible to see Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, eagle nests, Dall Porpoise, Harbor Porpoise, SeaGulls, Surf Scoters, Oyster Catchers, Harlequin Ducks, Harbor Seals and Steller Sea Lions. All of this wildlife lives here or frequents the area during the summer. You will also see two beautiful lighthouses in the area, Point Retreat Lighthouse and Sentinel Lighthouse.  We are right in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, the United States largest. Every season from 2004 through 2017, we were able to enjoy watching Humpback Whales on 100% of our whale watching tours.

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

M/V RipTide

• 32-foot Custom WorkSkiff Whale Watching Boat
• Twin 300 hp Mercury Verado 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 14 passengers

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

M/V Chilkat

• 34-foot Custom WorkSkiff Whale Watching Boat
• Twin 300 hp Mercury Verado 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 18 passengers

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

M/V OB-1

• 28-foot Custom Bolton Whale Watching Boat
• Twin 150 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 6 passengers

juneau whale watching

M/V Alaskan

• 30-foot Custom Bentz Whale Watching Boat
• Twin 250 hp Mercury Verado 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 13 passengers

Juneau Whale Watching Tours

M/V Reel Magic

• 30-foot Custom Little Hoquiam Whale Watching & Fishing Boat
• Twin 300 hp Mercury Verado 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 6 passengers

Alaska Whale Watching Tours

M/V Kaytos

• 30-foot Custom Aluminum Chambered Whale Watching & Fishing Boat
• Twin 250 hp Mercury Verado 4 stroke outboards
• Up to 12 passengers


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What Are Our Customers Saying?

"When I come back to Alaska, this will be the first tour that I book!  We saw 4 bears, dozens of whales, and several glaciers on our flight over the icefield!  The boats and guides were great; what more could you ask for! "

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"This was the best trip we took! We learned so much and the guys were great! It was a fabulous way to see the best parts of Alaska.  I would come back for this!"


"This was a fantastic tour - everything about it was great...We would highly recommend this, in fact, we are thinking of coming back here to do this excursion AGAIN!"


"This has been the greatest experience of my life...the guides knew a detailed answer to EVERY question we asked."


"Awesome!  Our guides couldn't have been better.  We saw eagles within 5 minutes and whales within 10! Our captain seemed as excited as we were. When our kids (8 & 10) we got home, this was the experience that they raved about the most.  This tour made our trip to Alaska truly memorable!!!"

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"This tour has excellent guides.  Our captain was able to show us a pod of 7 Humpbacks eating herring!  The bear portion was great.  Everyone was friendly and easy-going - really worth the experience. Highly Recommended!"


"Our guides made it exceptionally pleasant for those in our party who were elderly (75 and 80).  Everything was great, especially the bears!  We saw 3 bears, one of which was chasing salmon in a stream. We all wished that the tour was longer!"

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"I loved how remote the tour was.  We were all by ourselves watching a dozen humpback whales, and then shown the true wilderness of Alaskan bear country at a location that we needed to use a landing craft.  Everything was top notch! A great package of the best that there is to see in Juneau!"