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About Us

In today’s travel market, it’s not always easy to get the personal service you need when traveling to an unfamiliar destination. As business people and residents of Southeast Alaska, we are active in Juneau and Southeast for both business and personal activities.

Alaska Galore Tours is a locally owned and operated tour business based in Juneau. Owners, Louis Juergens and Jamie Letterman, have over 21 years of combined experience in the tourism industry. We have experience and expertise in all aspects of fishing and whale watching for groups, families, individuals, and corporate needs.

Alaska Galore Tours is proud to be a member of the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB) Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA).

Let us help you make the best of your travel experience to our home: The Last Frontier!

Employment Opportunities


We appreciate your interest in joining the Alaska Galore Tours (AGT) team! Jobs in tourism are fast-paced, challenging, and chaotic – but most of all exciting! All AGT positions require a great deal of personal interaction and demands responsible team members who possess the ability to be flexible, maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations, be open minded and have a good time. Spontaneity and a sense of humor preferred.

Communication is a key factor in a smooth operation both internally and ‘on the job’. Communication is a must and the management team of AGT has a high expectation when it comes to knowing what’s going on. We also require a professional, mature attitude at all times as well as a tidy, well-groomed appearance.

All employees must possess a true desire to share the beauty of Juneau and the surrounding area. You will be required to learn basic knowledge of local wildlife, flora, fauna, history, and general geography of the area, training and study materials will be provided. All Naturalist/Guides are required to have a more in-depth knowledge in the above mentioned subjects, training will be provided, and roll-playing is required.

Guests are our number one priority next to safety. Five-star customer service equals success!

The AGT experience begins the moment a guest steps off their cruise ship or arriving flight and does not end until the moment they conclude their tour.

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Alaska Galore Tours has summer positions for Naturalist/Guides, Boat Captains, and Drivers. Every position at AGT is essential and plays an integral role in the guests overall experience.

2017 Season Job Descriptions: 


As a Naturalist/Guide, you will spend up to 7 hours with any given tour group. You must be on time, organized and ready to meet and greet with a smile. You will begin the tour with the guests on the dock where you will be required to have guests complete paperwork, escort them to the shuttle, keep them together and on task, ensure their needs are met, and build a relationship with the group that each guest will take with them as part of their experience of a lifetime. As with most positions, you will be expected to be ready to take on any other duties, within reason, as assigned. In addition to the previously outlined duties, Naturalist/Guides will also meet and greet guests as they disembark from thier cruise ships. This role is the first ‘face’ of Alaska Galore Tours that guests will encounter. You will support the Assistant Manager on duty with day-to-day tour operations as applicable on the docks. You will also serve as one of the main points of contact for cruise line representatives or Shore Excursion Managers. You will be building relationships and assisting in daily settlements as needed.

Boat Captain

Boat Captains will be required to hold a minimum of 25-ton certification, U.S.C.G. endorsement and T.W.I.C. Experience in local waters is preferred. As a Captain you will operate 6-18 passenger vessels for various marine wildlife tours within Stephens Passage. All captains should have knowledge of marine maintenance and care and be willing to assist in oil changes and other upkeep as required. Our schedule and tours require a flexible, friendly, and reliable Captain.


As a driver, you will set the stage for the next step in the guests’ experience. You must be on time, organized and ready to safely transport and narrate with a smile. Drivers will also be required to know the local ordinances as they pertain to cruise ship dock zoning, parking, loading, and unloading – all information will be provided. Shuttle drivers must have a CDL or a Chauffeurs License.

Additional Information for all positions

We require pre-season drug screening for all employees and a signed agreement for random drug screening throughout the duration of your employment with AGT.  Some positions require First Aid and CPR certification, it is recommended for all others. We are a private employer and all employment is at-will. Several positions require a clean driving record and a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or a Chauffeurs License; please check with us if you have questions. We begin reviewing applicants in December and most hiring will be complete before the end of January prior to the coming season.


AGT is a member of the Tourism Best Management Practices program (TBMP) and expect that each employee be familiar with, and practice the principals the program at all times. We also hold memberships with the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau (JCVB) and the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA).

Employment Contact

If you are interested in joining our team and embarking on a challenging and rewarding summer in Alaska, please contact our Hiring Staff at